eX2 Technology, LLC today announced Triple “A” Professional Services (TAPS), a single-source solution for businesses to assess, audit and review critical infrastructure networks throughout all project phases. In a market saturated by single-service providers, TAPS is the all-in-one program to address the increasing business demand for a complete network infrastructure audit and assessment solution.

The TAPS program, designed with advanced industry knowledge and expertise, combined with newest technology and service solutions, provides end-to-end network inspection and assessments of existing network assets and network lifecycle planning to maximize the efficiency and revenue potential of the network. As the regulatory industry rapidly evolves, the need for timely, high-quality audits is critical, requiring the highest levels of quality and insight while providing an educated perspective from within the industry.

TAPS’ auditing services, which involve turnkey infrastructure audits with physical asset inventory, geographic information system (GIS) mapping, and drawing package consolidation present the guidance and expertise needed in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Additionally, eX2’s resources are able to provide the reassurance necessary in a formal review of existing easements and permits, and expiring or new indefeasible rights of use (IRU) agreements, while also providing the capability to assist with IRU and similar network asset agreements.

“This industry is rapidly evolving, and many customers are unsure of how to plan for the future, audit and assess their critical infrastructure projects,” said Jim Kawamoto, President, eX2. “Our single-source solution combines the industry’s most highly regarded professionals—equipped to manage dynamic projects and give the support needed throughout the program.”

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About eX2 Technology

eX2 Technology LLC specializes in financing, designing, installing and maintaining robust broadband networks, critical infrastructure solutions, and intelligent transportation systems for government agencies, consortiums and public/private partnerships (P3). eX2 empowers its customers to achieve their goals through a faster connected world and transforming their digital experiences.

For more information about eX2 Technology, LLC and their full suite of services, visit their website at or contact Misty Stine at (402) 817-7872.

Click this link to view our press release about our Triple “A” Professional Services. INCOMPAS TAPS Press Release Final (PDF)