We know that one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when designing, building and maintaining a broadband network is finding a way to pay for it. That’s why we offer innovative revenue generation models and project funding assistance to help get your project started, completed and everything in between. Whether its offering flexible payment terms, commercializing your infrastructure assets or finding a strategic partner to share the financial burden, we can build your network and get you up to speed in less time than you may have thought possible. We will bring the team, the partners and the necessary third parties together to transform your network infrastructure into a revenue-generating asset.

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Let us put your infrastructure assets to work for you. eX² team members have secured more than $340M in third party duct and dark fiber lease agreements, generating millions of dollars to help customers offset all or most of their network build or maintenance costs. We utilize a time-tested, multi-channeled approach to secure interested third parties while capitalizing on what makes your network assets desirable to others. And, we’ll help establish contractual language to mitigate your risk and exposure to protect your – and the public’s – interest.


p3 & asset development

When beginning any major infrastructure project, there are certainly inherent risks involved. We help mitigate these risks while ensuring your project goals are met by bringing in private sector stakeholders and working to establish a public-private partnership, when feasible. We maintain a robust network of vendors, partners and industry experts and will put these relationships to work for you!


market analysis

To successfully execute any network asset commercialization program, it’s important to fully understand your market. Our commercialization experts will research the issues that could impact your competitive landscape while identifying the factors that drive end user demand. We will share our findings and pricing recommendations in a comprehensive report to maximize your revenue potential and optimize your infrastructure assets.

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Using our network of private equity investment partners, we can align you with a strategic partner to finance all or a portion of your network project. We will help to develop an action plan that benefits all parties through a genuine partnership model. By maximizing accountability, minimizing risks and finding overall efficiencies, we’re able to increase private sector engagement and secure sufficient capital to construct your network.


grant & funding request support

Numerous grant and funding programs exist to promote broadband deployment, the implementation of smart city initiatives, energy conservation, healthcare and educational expansion, critical asset protection and more. As your partner, we will assist in applying for these programs while complying with strict regulations and guidelines during design and deployment stages.