eX² Technology Helps Municipalities Reveal Smart Solutions For Bringing Broadband to Their Community

Omaha, NE – May 3, 2016 - Building an adaptable fiber network is a smart investment for a community’s long-term vitality. Often, the first major challenge in beginning any network infrastructure project is determining project costs and securing appropriate funding. With this in mind, eX² Technology LLC, based in Omaha, NE, has developed an innovative public-private partnership (P3) platform which offers municipalities financing options and solutions when planning a network infrastructure. Project financing will be one of many focuses at the upcoming Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) Telecom & Technology Conference, May 3 – 6 in Denver, CO. eX² Technology and a host of industry panelists will be offering valuable insight during the UTC Rural Broadband Summit covering a range of topics and addressing issues facing communities interested in deploying rural and municipal broadband networks.

As municipalities begin making decisions about Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and broadband deployment, the timing is ideal to learn more about the rural broadband program options being offered today. This message has been underscored by the recent overturning of Senate Bill – 152 in more than 50 Colorado communities, allowing these communities access to the benefits of a municipal fiber network.

Private-sector partners can increase public awareness, expand training and reduce costs by maximizing accountability, minimizing risks and finding overall project efficiencies. Through its P3 offering, eX² delivers the knowledge, ability and industry expertise to provide a single source for their customers’ needs, while connecting public agencies and communities to the gigabit world. eX² is able to increase private-sector engagement and secure sufficient capital to construct the networks of tomorrow, helping to bridge the digital divide.

“In an era of limited public-sector funding, finding uncommon ways to unlock a community’s potential can make the difference between a viable connected community and one that gets passed by,” said Jim Kawamoto, President, eX² Technology. “With our P3 solution, public agencies and communities will be able to enhance their intelligent infrastructure.”

“Partnering with a private-sector resource, like us, can support the project by bringing third parties to the table,” said Misty Stine, Executive Vice President, eX² Technology. “This can turn a broadband network into a revenue-producing asset without competing with current service providers.”