Intelligent Transportation

Delivering Smarter, More Efficient Intelligent  Transportation Systems

A robust intelligent transportation system (ITS) relies upon an advanced communications network and specialized electronic systems to effectively result in safer, more efficient travel. To the modern day traveler and professional freight industry, the technology that allows an ITS to operate at its peak performance most likely goes unnoticed. But at eX2 Technology, we specialize in delivering the technology and infrastructure that serve as the backbone for smarter, more proficient ITS solutions.

Faster, Safer and More Efficient Travel

Today’s ITS networks provide the traveling public with enhanced security and more efficient means of reaching a destination than ever before. Utilizing high-speed voice, data and video communication technology, ITS networks enhance interoperability and allow instant communication between local authorities, first responders, toll bridge and highway staff as well as maintenance and construction crews so critical situations can be addressed immediately. The most technically advanced ITS networks can help improve a traveler’s experience by alleviating roadway congestion, addressing truck parking concerns and providing the public with reliable, real-time information for smarter, more informed transportation decisions.

The eX2 Difference

For more than 20 years, our team of ITS experts has been assisting public transit agencies relieve traffic congestion, improve highway safety and reduce emissions for the nation’s busiest corridors. eX2 Technology specializes in financing, designing, installing and maintaining robust broadband and critical infrastructure networks that support the most advanced ITS solutions. Our public-private partnership (P3) offering allows us to serve as a single source solutions provider who will help identify new revenue streams through right of way and indefeasible right of use development efforts, propose creative financing plans and offer other alternatives to help offset network costs. From the communications backbone to electronic toll collection, video surveillance, license plate recognition and variable dynamic messaging signs to network control and operation, we are the private partner who will bring the right team, partners and third parties together to deliver a world-class ITS solution for safer, smarter, more connected roadways.

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Delivering Intelligent Transportation


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