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eX2 offers a single source solution for secure, comprehensive fiber, wireless or hybrid broadband networks through public-private partnerships. Our company proudly serves the following market segments:

Cities & Municipalities

As technology evolves and the demand for internet access accelerates, the viability of an intelligent infrastructure is essential to a functional community, especially to its economy, health and security. eX2 designs and installs high-speed, intelligent networks to increase public safety and connect agencies for swift and simple communications.

We are experts at evaluating aging infrastructures with slow, outdated technology while leveraging existing assets to deliver fast, reliable communications. We provide network-enhanced community broadband and promote the use of smart applications for city utilities, making communities safer, more efficient and highly competitive.

Rural Communities

eX2 will help finance, design and build or upgrade the broadband network your town relies on for its unique communications needs. Towns with budgets of all sizes can take advantage of the speed of broadband with creative financing options available through our public-private partnership (P3). Revitalize your community schools, improve economic development and support high-tech agricultural practices through a network on par with larger metropolitan areas.

Utilities & Cooperatives

Most utilities and rural electric cooperatives have recognized the need for a robust broadband network to support internal voice, data and video applications for increased critical infrastructure security.  The same network can also provide broadband connectivity to your service area, especially within rural America. We can provide a sustainable, reliable and revenue-generating network to ensure safe and secure communications between your distribution infrastructure locations. Our custom-designed fiber, wireless or hybrid broadband network will enhance your service offerings and provide peace of mind with uninterrupted service.

Whether you’re trying to improve your network infrastructure, expand or enhance broadband, meet government security requirements or even replace legacy networks, eX2 offers you more control over your systems while increasing efficiency and privacy.

Intelligent Transportation

We improve road, rail and mass transit transportation by installing custom-designed fiber, wireless or hybrid broadband network systems along multi-modal corridors to provide real-time information, transfer video and process traffic safety applications. Nearly every high-tech product and service available within the intelligent transportation industry – from autonomous vehicles to traffic reporting – relies upon a stable network to operate effectively. One of the biggest unaddressed issues in the transportation industry today is the demand for network bandwidth and wireless backhaul. With decades of industry experience, eX2 is uniquely positioned to service this industry niche.

Education & Telehealth

We offer a myriad of opportunities to improve state and local services while increasing broadband connectivity and adoption in your state and communities.

  • Education – Our broadband network can connect K-12, community colleges, universities and other educational facilities to one another, allowing them to share information, such as literature and research, with ease. Additionally, they have the power to increase public safety through campus surveillance.
  • Telehealth – In the past, there was no way to transmit essential patient information from one facility to another in real-time while protecting the private sensitive data. Now, with a broadband network from eX2, hospitals can share real-time vital data, potentially saving countless lives and safeguarding personal information.

Enterprise & Private Entities

From carriers to cable companies, privately owned or operated networks are essential to delivering your services. We create comprehensive fiber, wireless or hybrid network solutions for public or private entities seeking to own and operate a standalone system to increase efficiency, security and give you control of your network. We can expand your existing network or install a new one to maximize your organizational and business efficiency. Regardless of your industry or geographic dispersion, we will design a network that meets your needs and keeps your business moving forward. Our P3 philosophy allows you to use your money more efficiently through project financing and third party asset marketing to help offset the cost of your network build.

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