eX² provides a full suite of professional services to directly assist the customer, owner’s project manager or project consulting firm during any network infrastructure project stage. From route analysis and feasibility studies to QA/QC inspections to utility locating, we are your one-stop-shop for all your network project needs. Our team of professionals is dedicated to executing your project with the excellence for which we are known.

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Network Audits & Assessments

We conduct turnkey infrastructure audits to develop accurate physical asset inventories, including GIS mapping and other drawing package consolidation. Upon a complete physical asset inventory, we will perform an end-to-end network assessment to determine the condition and estimated lifespan of these assets.

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QA/QC & Construction Oversight

eX² provides complete construction oversight (make-ready, construction and professional services) to ensure your project meets your – and our – prescribed level of quality. With ongoing customer communication throughout a project, we execute stringent quality assurance and quality control processes with thorough due diligence practices giving you peace of mind during your network build or expansion project.

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Route Analysis

Let our solutions experts help you find the best combination between aerial and underground fiber placement in the most cost-effective manner. We offer value engineered solutions to help reduce project risks and costs while meeting your overall project goals.


Permitting & Make Ready

When building or expanding your network infrastructure, it’s imperative to obtain appropriate permitting and make ready approvals prior to any construction activity. eX² brings the necessary knowledge and experience to facilitate the approval process at the local, regional, state or federal level. From identifying responsible permitting agencies to completing accurate design drawings to filling out, filing and negotiating permits on your behalf, we are your solution for all your unique permitting needs.



When construction activities are planned near your network infrastructure, let our team locate and mark your assets. Doing so reduces costly damages to your network and minimizes potential service outages.